Dr. Tran

Dr. Tran


Q&A with Dr. Tran-

In our very first blog post, Dr. Tran answers some of the most commonly asked questions from patients.


Dr. Tran, I’ve always wondered if it’s better to floss my teeth first or brush first- which comes before the other?

Shirley, Thousand Oaks


Dr.Tran:  Shirley, this is a great question.  The answer is that either is fine, as long as flossing is done daily.  However with that said, flossing before brushing does have the advantage of allowing the fluoride from the toothpaste to reach the teeth.


Dr. Tran, I’ve heard that silver fillings contain mercury- do I need to have them removed?

Mark, Westlake Village


Dr.Tran:  Another great, albeit controversial question in the field of dentistry.  The American Dental Association has conducted extensive amounts of research on the release of mercury from silver fillings.  Their conclusion is that silver fillings do release mercury- but at a small and safe level for patients.

My opinion is that this comes down to a personal decision about lifestyle and choices.  Understandably, some people may be uncomfortable with any amount of mercury exposure in their body and may personally choose to have their amalgam fillings removed.  I personally feel that the majority of patients are not adversely affected, but as a precaution, we as a practice mostly place tooth-colored or composite fillings unless otherwise requested.


Stay tune for more questions and answers from Dr. Tran!

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