DDental Implant 1ental implants are root-like cylinders of titanium which are imbedded in the jawbone to replace missing teeth. With dental implants, there is no need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth for support as is necessary when constructing traditional dental bridges. A dental implant can usually be placed in a single appointment, taking less than an hour. There is very little post-placement discomfort. After a period of healing, a crown can then be placed over the implant. Since the first implants were placed, great advancements have been made in their design and application. In the last ten years, research has shown that implants have a ninety percent long-term success rate for, unlike natural teeth, they are immune from the destructive effects of cavities or gum disease.



What are the benefits of dental implants?

  • With improved technology, dental implants are now more affordable than ever.
  • Dental implants can serve to replace missing teeth without compromising existing, adjacent teeth.
  • Implants can greatly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from ill-fitting dentures.
  • once implants have been integrated successfully, they can last a lifetime and offer a viable and permanent
    solution to missing teeth.




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